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Welcome to Colorado Soundscapes. Our goal is to make the best sounding and highest quality professional kalimba anywhere.

Handcrafted Quality

Every part of our instruments are built with high quality materials, even down to the bolts. We use linotune software to ensure each kalimba is precision tuned.


Our patent pending bridge design allows for independent note tuning, something the kalimba world has never had before. Each note can be precision tuned, resulting in a pure and beautiful sound.


If you have any questions please contact us by email at

SaReGaMa – A True Musical Talent!

You can see more of SaReGaMa at

Introducing Lamellae! The Electric Kalimba

We are so pleased to bring you this development in our kalimbas. Lamellae is our greatest accomplishment yet and we can’t wait to see and hear all the new sounds that will be created with this sound sculpture.

A big thank you to all who encouraged us and stuck with us!

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SaReGaMa rockin’ our 15 note Bubinga in the Avalon scale

You can check out SaReGaMa’s website here.

SaReGaMa’s Review

SaReGaMa is a composer, producer, and skilled musician who has the most viewed kalimba video on youtube. Here is what he said about our kalimbas,

Recently I got a very special kalimba from a new kalimba maker Colorado Soundscapes. This superbly crafted instrument has a neat design, highly esthetic look and the most pure sound I have heard in kalimbas.

The instrument is entirely handmade and built of exquisite high quality materials. The hand hammered tines are made of very hard steel and because of that they produce sharp and clear tones with rich harmonics. They ring like little silver bells and their sound resembles a glockenspiel rather than lamellophone, which is very cool and unique. The body has an excellent  resonant soundbox capable of producing strongly marked wa-wa effect.  I will record a demo video soon. In the meanwhile you can hear how it sounds in a video below performed by Mark from Kalimba Magic:

When I was introduced to this 15 tines kalimba my first impression was that it’s too pricy. Yes, it’s not cheap, but after you get it in your hands you understand why. It’s just a league above any other high-end kalimba I know. It’s the Rolls-Royce of kalimbas. As the saying goes: you get what you pay for. In this case, what you pay for is the best kalimba available on the market today.

Mark from Kalimba Magic Playing our 15 Note, Bubinga, Custom Scale 2

Kalimba Magic’s Review

Kalimba Magic reviewed our kalimbas in their last newsletter.  Here is an excerpt.

“I can truly say that I have found a new type of high end kalimba that is worth every dollar: the Colorado Soundscapes Kalimbas.

Here is a list of some of the things they do right with their Colorado Soundscape Kalimbas:

  • The 15-note kalimba is built like a bar stool. The bottom piece is made of metal and is hand pounded just like the hang drums, and is fastened with heavy duty bolts to thick and well-finished exotic wood of your choice.
  • Beautiful tunings inspired by the scales used on the hand pan drums. One of the amazing aspects of the hang drum is the wide array of scales they come in, each amazing and inspiring of wonderful music in its own way. I have only played one of the Colorado Soundscapes scales, but it did not disappoint, and I am assuming each scale they will offer will help the player paint a beautiful picture with their music.
  • The tines are amazing. Each one is hand pounded, and the “overtones” are tuned. (To see why I have put overtones in parentheses, read the footnote at the bottom of this article.) The tines have the look and feel of traditional African tines, but with the solidness and sustain of a modern kalimba.”

You can read the article in it’s entirety on Kalimba Magic’s site here.